What We Do

Piasaa Dream Instituted are seeking to assist members of the greater community by providing superlative education with a tremendous emphasis on integrity, respect, leadership, conduct, morals and ethics.

The Piasaa Dream Instituted shall assist any individual who seeks constructive assistance in education, healthcare and social services without any prejudice to gender, sex, race color, creed or nationality, in an environment that provides security and assurance.

This shall be achieved by first providing assistance at the grassroots level with a modern school geared to providing the best educational curriculum with emphasis on morals, ethics and values. It is the hope of the Foundation that what it sows today shall bear fruit in years to come with new leaders who shall lead the community with pride and values of the highest standards.

The Foundation shall also provide Health and Medical assistance to the under priviledged who are not able to access the medical system for better health, general hygiene and in preventing disease. This assistance will be provided locally, nationally or internationally.

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