Mission and Vision

Our Mission and Vision

This educational Institute will be community-based where parents and guardians will collaborate, contributing their energy and their expertise to the establishment, maintenance and growth of the school.
By implementing strong and innovative educational philosophies, we hope to raise the standards for teaching and learning in this community in order to bring about significant and positive change in these children’s lives.

The PIASAA Dream Institute will be a space where children of races, creed, and socioeconomic status are welcomed to a safe and nurturing environment. This is a place where every child can realize his/her self-worth and goals. At this institute, children will learn under the guidance of well trained and caring teachers and administrators.

The education of young girls is a priority and thus, we intend to focus on raising the number of female students. We firmly believe that it is a moral imperative that those who are better able to assist in improving the lives of the disadvantaged should do so.

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