Who We Are

Piasaa Dream Institute

Nurturing and Educating the Next Generation of Citizens


We are a group of patriots, ex-patriots, and concerned global citizens, who see an urgent need to provide clothing, food and educational opportunities for the orphans and homeless children in the small rural town of Dewanpara, Bangladesh.  We will provide socio-economically disadvantaged children there with food, clothing, an academic and social environment which will nurture and facilitate their living and learning so that they can achieve their full potential as national and global citizens.

The goal is to provide proper nourishment for health and solid academic curricula taught in English in order that the students obtain a quality education, leading to brighter and productive future lives.

This educational Institute will be community-based where parents and guardians will collaborate, contributing their energy and their expertise to the establishment, maintenance and growth of the school.

By implementing strong and innovative educational philosophies, we hope to raise the standards for teaching and learning in this community in order to bring about significant and positive change in these children’s lives.

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